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Goob n Balloons

Role: Music Direction, Composition, and Mixing

Our wackiest score to date! This game features music from a variety of styles, including EDM, Disco, Film Noire, and wholesome guitar music. Coming out on Steam and consoles soon!

This small puzzle platformer has an intriguing twist: the more energy you spend, the smaller you get.

Wild Thaw

Roles: SFX

AI Gotta Go

Role: Voice Direction, Voice Processing, and Additional SFX & Music

We're quite proud of this one. We recorded and processed over 150 lines of dialogue in less than a week! Special thanks to Ryan X. Messcher for his incredible performance. 

This collaboration with Carlos Magaña Bru and his sound design team brought to life the chaotic world of this roguelike Western.

Goblin Gunner

Roles: Music Direction, Composition, Mixing, and Additional SFX


When we started a D&D campaign with composer Evie Segal, we realized we could score it ourselves! 3 years of passion for the game, 10+ hours of music, and almost 100 interwoven themes and motives later, it is one of our most sprawling works.


Roles: Composition

Constellation Cleaners

Role: SFX and Music

An environmentally conscious two-player beach cleanup game. With the help of Kaelen Anderson we created the music and SFX that shape this Sci-Fi world.

Our first ever game! We've come a long way since then, but it still holds a special place in our hearts.


Roles: SFX, Music, and Mixing

Congrats to Rats

Role: Voice and SFX Direction

Help this mama rat get her kids to the cake! Voice actress Carolyn Graber guides you as you navigate the dangers of the kitchen.

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